Tips to Minimize the Risk of Sports Injury with Stephen Dunn

Tips to Minimize the Risk of Sports Injury with Stephen Dunn
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For this episode of EnVibe life Conversations, Amy and Cheryl are joined by Stephen Dunn. They discuss the cause of sports and exercise related injuries and how to minimalize their risk. They also explore the importance of having a wellness team, listening to your body, and keeping all things in balance.

In this episode:

02:16 – Stephen discusses injury “prevention”.
06:30 – How age affects the incidence of injuries.
08:00 – Considerations when increasing or beginning a workout regimen.
09:09 – Stephen talks about the importance of respecting your injuries and taking proper care to help healing.
11:00 – Risk management in regards to possible injuries.
14:02 – The four stages of injury recovery.
18:39 – Is there a sport more prone to cause injury than others?
27:30 – The importance of seeing a practitioner as soon as possible after an injury.
30:21 –Special considerations for young/student athletes. Why it can be harmful for young athletes to specialize in one sport too early.
39:02 – Stephen discusses the importance of sports psychology and the pressures felt by young athletes.

To learn more about Stephen & Cheryl Dunn and Core Therapy & Pilates, visit  their website and YouTube channel CORE Therapy.

Stephen Dunn’s book, Retrain The Brain To Solve Back Pain.

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