What is Leaky Gut? with Eloisa Mena

What is Leaky Gut? with Eloisa Mena
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For today’s EnVibe Life Conversations podcast, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn are joined by Eloisa Mena. She is the owner of Raw by Elo and a registered dietitian. They discuss gut health and why it is important to consider. They also discuss different foods that are good for the gut as well as what to avoid.

In this episode:

01:53 –Gut health and why it is important. The microbiome.
03:06 –What is leaky gut?
04:26 -- Eloisa discusses the symptoms of leaky gut and how they vary from person to person.
05:38 – How is gut related to our overall health? Why is the gut so important?
08:14 – The importance of being intuitive with and aware of our symptoms.
08:55 – Is the breakdown of gut health inevitable?
10:07 – Eloisa discusses the importance of fiber.
11:45 – The increasing prevalence of a focus on gut health.
12:26 – Sources of fiber.
13:37 – Beneficial wholegrain foods and minimally processes foods.
16:21 – The importance of having variety in the diet.
17:32 – Oligosaccharides.
19:42 – Signs that you should seek professional help for gut health.
22:53 – What are probiotics? Should we supplement with them?
26:53 – The importance of exercise and its effects on gut health.
27:59 – Substances to avoid for better gut health. 

To learn more about Eloisa, visit her website  Raw By Elo and check out her prior appearance on the EnVibe Conversations podcast, The Benefits of An Anti-Inflammatory Diet with Eloisa Mena

Follow Eloisa on Instagram, @eloisamena.

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