Treating Back Pain Holistically with Stephen Dunn

16. Treating Back Pain Holistically with Stephen Dunn
Treating Back Pain Holistically with Stephen Dunn

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Holistic Physical Therapist, Stephen Dunn, joins us to discuss the most common ailment he has seen in his two decades of practice...back pain. 

Stephen shares his insights, treatment approaches, and overall perspectives on whole body wellness.

In This Podcast:

02:14 – What is back pain?
02:47 – What happens if it’s not taken care of properly?
06:50 – Importance of the multifidus.
10:37 – Long bridge as an exercise to help strengthen the multifidus and alleviate back pain.
11:22 – What does Stephen see the most with treating back pain?
14:40 – How many patients are willing to implement their treatment?
20:17 – Applying Pilates and The Gyrotonic Method to obtain long-term relief and
21:57 – Learning to use your core in everyday activities.
23:24 – Causes of poor posture.
28:14 – Clients who benefit the most from a holistic approach.
36:52 – Physical Therapy via Telehealth.
38:34 – Different issues people experience at different ages.
43:10 – Different treatment approaches.
45:09 – Creating a wellness community.
46:18 – The importance of doing your own research.
48:19 – Commit to your own health and treatment plan.

Long Bridge Exercise Video:

To learn more about Stephen Dunn and his holistic approach to wellness, you can visit his websites at:
Core Therapy and Pilates:
Pilates to Thrive:

Stephen’s book, Retrain the Brain to Solve Back Pain, can be found at

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