Communication in Relationships (Including Ours!)

15. Communication in Relationships (Including Ours!)
Communication in Relationships (Including Ours!)

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In this episode of the EnVibe Life Podcast, Amy and Cheryl open up about all aspects of their relationship. They share the journey they have had together that led them to start EnVibe Life. They also share communication tools they have learned and found valuable in their business relationship and friendship--even during difficult moments.

In This Podcast:

02:30 – About us
04:28 – Working with each other’s personal growth and development
07:38 – How we’ve changed
09:05 – Starting EnVibe Life
14:19 – Long term friendship and relationship
16:25 – Don’t be afraid of the difficult conversation
18:46 – Relationships serve to teach you about yourself as well as the other person
21:22 – Strength being put on relationships
23:09 – Importance of face-to-face communication
24:56 – Defensiveness
26:41 – Giving someone a safe space
27:20 – Severing a business relationship
30:14 – Severing a personal relationship
32:18 – It’s hard to have a difficult conversation with someone you love
33:14 – There are different needs that need to be met for each relationship
36:57 – “How worth it this relationship is to me?”
38:07 – When conflict comes up in your life, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?”

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