What Is My Body Telling Me?

What Is My Body Telling Me?
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The Importance of our Emotional and Physical Cues

For this episode, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn discuss emotions and how they manifest in the body. Our emotions can affect the mind, body and spirit and having them in balance is important. They touched on their physical and emotional pains, the struggles that they experienced and the adjustments they had to make to overcome them. They also shared how their emotions help guide them in their life paths.

In this episode:

01:48 -Cheryl explains how human emotions show up as pain in the body.
05:42 – Using physical movement as a medicine.
06:56 – Teaching people how to feel and to use their feelings to guide them.
08:37 – How the physical and the emotional bodies are intertwined.
09:26 - The importance of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness and of finding joy in the things that you do.
11:16 - Amy talks about the things she learned being with Cheryl over the years and the importance of nurturing the mind, body and spirit.
12:20 – John Barnes and his work on myofascial release.
13:42 - Brent Baum and his work on healing trauma and holographic memory resolution.
15:14 - Listen to your body.
15:47 - Do a self-check.
16:44 - Amy and Cheryl explains how emotional triggers can be gifts to help people focus on what needs to be healed within themselves.
18:27 - Amy and Cheryl shares their own pains and their struggles to overcome them.
20:57 – Using emotional and physical cues to make decisions.
24:25 - How Amy and Cheryl use emotions to guide them in their lives and the adjustments they made after
following it.

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