Starting a Meditation Practice

Starting a Meditation Practice

During the years that I have followed a regular meditation practice, I have spoken to so many different people about its benefits—friends, family, and strangers alike and have met others in meditation classes, mindfulness exercises, and wellness retreats. I often hear the same anxieties about meditation that I once held:

  • “I am too high energy/Type A/active to sit for that long.”
  • “I have too many thoughts that constantly pop into my head and simply cannot calm my mind.”
  • “I don’t understand how to focus on the breath and get off track easily.”
  • “I am so busy that I just can’t find the time in my day.”
  • “I'm hoping to start something like that ONE DAY.”

And the list goes on! Yet, every time I hear one of these reasons, my heart goes out to the person to whom I am speaking because the secret I want to share is that each of these reasons shows exactly why you SHOULD incorporate meditation into your routine. Here are a few insights from a “recovering” Type A/over-scheduled/no-time-for-myself person who found the life-changing benefits of an intentional and regular meditation practice.

You CAN Do This! Top 5 Tips for Starting a Meditation Routine

  1. First and foremost, Release Judgement on yourself! There is no right or wrong way to meditate. If it works for you and makes you feel better in any way then it is right for you.
  2. Start Small, I advocate what I refer to as a “3 Minute Mediation”. Set the timer on your phone for 3 minutes. Sit in a comfortable and quiet spot, perhaps with some tranquil music and breathe. That’s it! I believe that taking even three minutes for yourself on a regular basis can bring about positive benefits.
  3. Commit to a certain time of day. I personally think that the early morning hours before anyone else is stirring in my house is the most magical time. But find what works for you. And, if a daily commitment seems too onerous, then pick a day or days per week to which you feel you can adhere. Maybe start with a Soulful Sunday, Mindfulness Monday, or Wellness Wednesday.
  4. Explore Guided Meditations. There are many guided meditations available, on YouTube, smart phone apps, and music streaming services. This is often a way to begin when you feel overwhelmed, then you will soon learn which techniques you most enjoy. My Intro to Meditation video, along with a guided 3 Minute Meditation can be found at
  5. Surrender to the process! Always keep in mind that meditation, or any other wellness practice, is for you. Allow its benefits to enter your life and remember that the Universe is always working for your benefit—your job is to allow and receive that help. Sitting in stillness provides a powerful method for doing just that.

Sometimes giving ourselves permission to re-center and calm our minds and bodies is the most difficult step in a wellness practice. Remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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